Snowcap, Crimson Crew Nation – The past few weeks for the Crimson Crew of Club Penguin have been very joyful in the eyes of their leader and troops; but they have recently decided it was a good idea to merge into the army Snow Ninjas of Club Penguin. With the Snow Ninjas currently being at war with Marines will this merge effect the outcome of the barbarous war?

On November 5, 2015 the leader of Crimson Crew, Zags published a post on the Crimson Crew website titled Merging (Don’t Worry Tho) the post states that the army will be merging into Snow Ninjas but will more than likely be back after a couple of months after merging bigger and stronger than ever before; the Crimson Crew nation is transferred to the Snow Ninjas as well which includes only one server that being Snowcap but the server will be of great use for the Snow Ninjas especially since they are currently engaged in war against the Marines; Zags was given a third in command rank in the Snow Ninjas for the merge and the Crimson Crew troops will be given decent ranks as well according to the Snow Ninjas leaders.

I then decided to conduct an interview with the Crimson Crew leader, Zags100.

img[1] (37)

Green = SMAC

Red = Zags100

SMAC: Why did you decide to merge Crimson Crew into the Snow Ninjas?

Zags: Well as most people know, CCCP was falling very slowly. I couldn’t find leaders, recruiting was bad, we were maxing 4 so I just decided to stop digging my own grave.

SMAC: When are you planning to bring the Crimson Crew back?

Zags: That’s a tough one, but when I get more comfortable as a leader. I only blame myself for maxing 4-6. I need more experience before I lead my own army. And Zach and Coal can help me do that.

SMAC: If you do bring the army back, do you have anyone in mind to make leader?

Zags: I’ll more than likely make a another sign-up sheet and maybe someone from SN would like to help out, but I don’t know quite yet.

So from the interview we learned that the reason to this merge was because of a slow downfall within the army. A merge into an army like Snow Ninjas may have been the best choice in this case scenario, Zags hopes to earn a lot of experience from being in the Snow Ninjas. Will this merge end in a great decision made by Zags or will it end in regrets?

What do YOU think? Will the merge effect the Marines and Snow Ninjas war? Will Zags regret the choices he made? Let us know YOUR opinion the comment section below!

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